Poems written by C.L. Leipoldt's.

Slampamperliedjes IV.

Gee vir my 'n trouring;
Gee vir my 'n vrou;
Gee vir my 'n babetjie -
Neem die res vir jou!

"Wat mil jij met trouring?
Wat wil jij met vrou?
Wat wil jij met babetjie -
Jij, nog in die rou?

Neem die werk as trouring;
Neem jou land as vrou;
Die toekoms as jou babetjie -
Dis genoeg vir jou!"

Frederik Louis Leipoldt,
uit: Oom Gert

A new song to an old tune

C Louis Leipoldt (excerpt)

You, who are the hope of our people;
You, who our people can barely spare;
You, who should grow up to become a man;
You, who must perform your duty, if you can;
You, who have no part in the war;
You, who should sing and jump for joy -
You must perish in a children's camp
You must be eliminated for peace:

Fold your hands tight together,
Close your eyes and say amen!

Whooping-cough and consumption, without milk:
bitter for you is the fate of life!
There is your place, at the children's graves -
Two in one coffin, a wedding couple!

Al you gain is that we will remember:
Our freedom more precious than woman or child!

In the Concentration Camp

(Aliwal North, 1901) C Louis Leipoldt (excerpt)

You are cringing away from the gusts of the wind
The chill seeping through the hail-torn tent -
Your scanty shield against torturing torrents;
The June chill bursts over the banks of the Vaal -
And all you can hear are the coughs from your child, and the
ceaseless patter of rain on the canvas.

A candle stub, just an inch before death
faintly flickering in a bottle
(a sty offers more comfort and rest)
But here, at night every thought is
a round of torture and tears.

Here, the early-born child flounders
Here, the aged fades away
Here, all you can hear is wailing and sighs
Here, every second is a lifetime of dread;
Every minute leaves scars
on your soul, sacrifice without end.

Forgive? Forget? Is it possible to forgive?
The sorrow, the despair demanded so much!
The branding iron painfully left its scar
on our nation, for ages to see, and the wound is too raw -
Too close to our heart and to deep in our souls -
"Patience, o patience, how much can you bear?"

Leipoldt also wrote heartbreaking verses on a soap box to the memory of children who could at least be buried in this luxury:

They made you in England, little soap box
To serve as coffin for our children
They found little corpses for you, soap box
And I have witnessed you as coffin.

Op my ou ramkietjie (1934)

Op my ou ramkietjie
Met nog net een snaar
Speel ek in die maanskyn,
Ek sing van Adam
En Eva se val,
Van die ou Paradys.
,,Halfpad mal!"

So se die mense
Wat my hoor speel
As die skemer my wang soen
Soos ferweel.

As die maan my aanhoor,
En die sterre knik,
Dan speel ek kordaat voort,
In my skik.

Wat gee ek om mense
Wat se ek's mal,
As die varings my aanhoor
By die wal?

Wat om my vrinde -
Wat nooit nie verstaan -
As die sterre my toeknik,
En die maan?

Op my ou ramkietjie
Met nog net een snaar,
Speel ek in die maanskyu,

Boggom en Voertsek (1934)

Boggom en Voertsek het saam gelewe
Waar die Hantam-berge pryk
En die dun kapok in die naglug swewe
As die wind die biesies stryk.

Boggom en Voertsek het saam geswerwe
Waar die boegoe-bossies bloei
En die harde klip, deur die ys gekerwe
In die oerou tyd, nog groei.

Boggom en Voertsek het saam gesanik
In die aand teen die vollemaan:
Sluit ek my oe vandag, dan waan ek
Ek kan hulle taal verstaan.

Boggom en Voertsek het saam gesterwe,
Waar die Hantam-land hom strek.
Daar's niks as die storie om oor te erwe,
En niks om daaruit te trek.
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